The Best Distributed Inventory Platform

Dsco is the most intelligent, cost efficient distributed inventory platform in the industry. Only Dsco has true data standardization–giving it extraordinary scale, speed, analytics, and data flexibility for collaborative delivery of the modern consumer experience.

Dsco is the most intelligent, cost efficient distributed inventory platform in the industry. Only Dsco has true data standardization–giving it extraordinary scale, speed, analytics, and data flexibility for collaborative delivery of the modern consumer experience.

Standardized high fidelity data

With 100% data standardization and over 70 real time validations conducted on your fundamental data, Dsco gives you access to one of the most robust data architectures in retail.

Saas business model

While other integration providers still charge data by the pound, Dsco’s subscription model means up to a ~75% cost reduction across your supply chain, including a 100% reduction in data sharing cost for your trading partners.

trading partners love DSCO

At 97%, Dsco has the highest partner brand satisfaction of any data sharing platform in the retail supply chain. See how much people love us.

streamlined integrations

Dsco’s flexible data options, automated onboarding, no-cost partner connections, and world class support makes it super easy to connect any source of inventory with any source of demand.


The fastest onboarding times in the industry

Dsco sets an industry standard for onboarding ease, speed, and flexibility. Our automated onboarding guide and data agnostic architecture allows Dsco to connect hundreds of trading partners per month in parallel–giving it the fastest onboarding times of any solution on the planet.

Faster Onboarding

Unlike legacy integration brokers, Dsco can connect hundreds of trading partners per month in parallel, leading to 30 more days of sale per SKU.

in onboarding team productivity

Including 100+ hours EDI testing saved per month.

Connect Your Way

Dsco integrates with an array of protocols and methods including portal, EDI, AS2, and API.

Awesome, Perfect, Impressive

Dsco’s modern architecture has allowed us to build a robust, rich, and flexible API, enabling the most real-time data sharing humanly possible.


True Inventory Visibility

Dsco can show you near real time inventory for any sku from any source in your supply chain at zero cost for data sharing. Throw in real time machine learning and analytics, and Dsco is the only solution that truly matches smart supply side inventory data with your demand side needs.

Real time inventory Data Sharing

Dsco’s inventory data exchange is capable of sub-second delivery.

Inventory by Location

See the warehouse location of every SKU in your ecosystem.

Ready to grow with you

Dsco transacts billions of inventory updates from thousands of locations every month, and a serverless bus architecture means spinning up capacity takes no time at all.


The Future of Order Lifecycle Data

Dsco offers a slew of features to help provide your customers with the best experience possible across the entire order lifecycle. From industry best data speeds to unlimited data exchange, real time validations across the entire order lifecycle, customizable order slips, atomic data, analytics, invoicing, and shipping logic, we’ve got you covered.

Different Validations

Over 70 different validations across the entire order lifecycle from PO creation to tracking code validation and beyond.

Faster order resolution

90% reduction in order resolution hours.

Customized packing slips

Dsco’s platform offers a variety of branded packing slip options including standard, gift, and BOGO.

Better customer expectations

With tracking code validation and real time carrier information, you can let your customers know exactly where their package is, and when it will be delivered. It’s like stalking, but for packages.


The Future of Order Lifecycle Data

Order Created

Retailers can create orders inside Dsco either manually or via bulk upload or automation. As the order comes in, Dsco translates it into the Dsco Data Standard, performs a series of real-time data validations, and finds the best carrier and service level for on-time delivery at the cheapest rate available.

Order Created

The Future of Order Lifecycle Data

Order Sent & Received

Brand suppliers can receive orders either through the portal or via batch download or automation. Dsco is able to split out orders by line items, translating them into the correct data language for individual suppliers to fulfill.

Order Sent & Received

The Future of Order Lifecycle Data

Shipment Pending

An order will remain in shipment pending status until a valid tracking code is given by the supplier. This improves the end-costumer’s experience by ensuring any shipping codes they receive are instantly trackable on carrier websites. It also gives retailers and suppliers greater confidence in performance metrics such as ASN for improving on-time shipments.

Shipment Pending

The Future of Order Lifecycle Data

Order Shipped

We use our carrier API connections to validate every shipping code that suppliers or brands submit through our system. Shipping codes can be sent separately or with invoices. If the code is validated by the carrier, the order is moved into shipped status and Dsco will send the retailer shipping updates as they are made available by the carrier.

Order Shipped

The Future of Order Lifecycle Data


Dsco performs extensive validations on every invoice sent through our system as we check information such as PO number, invoice ID, total amount, item quantity, cancel status, line items, for accuracy.


Walk through the Dsco Order Lifecycle and see how we check and recheck everything and anything.

Order Lifecycle
Order Created
Order Sent & Received
Shipment Pending
Order Shipped

Intelligent Shipping, Elated Customers

Dsco’s advanced shipping science features offer validated tracking code data, optimised delivery calculations, and real time performance analytics. Smart algorithms use data from every carrier in the United States to optimize shipping with the most cost effective on-time delivery option, while our data validations mean you can rely on the shipping data your trading partners send you.

Saved Each Year

$1-2M saved each year on shipping costs for a drop ship program with one million orders per year.

No more late deliveries

Automatically optimize shipping methods for on-time delivery and lower cost based on retailer parameters.

Perfect holiday delivery

Set absolute dates for your orders during peak seasons.

More accurate perfomance tracking

Our carrier data integrations allow you to use more accurate perfomance metrics such as time-to-ship instead of tracking code creation (ASN).


With great data comes great reporting

As the industry leader in supply chain data standardization, only Dsco is able to process, correlate, and analyze 100% of the data running through its system in real time, within and across user ecosystems and supply chains. Nothing escapes our analytic kung fu. Nothing.

Comprehensive dashboard

Provides an aggregate view of your entire program, including trading partner scorecards.

Real time analytics

100% of the data flowing through Dsco from your ecosystem can be correlated and analyzed in real time.

Enterprise scale data warehouse

Though billions of data events are stored in Dsco’s data warehouse every month, we have yet to lose a single piece of data. And we never will.

Standard core dashboard

Core dashboard functionality comes standard for all users, retailers and brands. If you need additional reporting, our data warehouse makes it easy to provide granular and aggregate views of your entire program.

What could you do with real-time, universal access to your entire inventory?