Our Story

If you can’t see it, you can’t sell it

Despite internet driven commerce evolution (virtualization, connectivity, ecommerce, omnichannel, etc.), inventory visibility is a $1.75T problem for retailers and suppliers–and it’s growing.

Even in this digital age, the average retailer only sells 50% of its inventory at full price.

Imagine what retail could be like with the ability to sell 60% or 70% at full price. Imagine having the intelligence to ship items smarter and more efficiently. How would that even be possible, you ask? It’s all about inventory visibility. Between retail stores, brand stores, fulfillment centers, distribution centers, 3PLs, 4PLs, brand manufacturers, offshore factories, distributors, etc., we often have enough inventory. We just need better ways to see, share, and sell it.

This is the challenge–and opportunity–that led me to found Dsco in 2015 after working on 3.5 supply chain technology companies, connecting thousands of suppliers and millions of skus over the previous 18 years.

Honestly, I wondered if we would likely fail . . . and really we did until we learned how to avoid the business model and technology traps that legacy integration brokers have fallen into . . . and then little by little it all came together. One investment by Nordstrom later, 3 major partnerships in 2017, and another 5 in 2018, and . . . well . . . here we are and here you are reading our story.

Dsco now connects thousands of the largest retailers and brands on the planet.

WHY do we do it?

Because a different world needs different solution providers. Because a unique platform that enables partnerships, combined with a fair business model, can fix an ineffective retail supply chain in need of greater efficiency and visibility.

Jeremy Hanks Founder & Executive Chairman

Tomorrow and Beyond

Tomorrow’s supply chain can’t be a chain, it has to be a network (a real one, not a network-in-name-only). It has to be inventory visibility and data exchange built/standardized to enable control. It has to minimize costs while maximizing growth. It has to have less inventory distortion and more intelligence. Dsco is all of those things and more. We’ve created an inventory networking platform where everyone is equal. Dsco is very unique, and as you explore and learn, I’m excited for you to dscover the difference.